For big problems, the best solutions are often small and simple.

The environmental problem of used cooking oils poses challenges of water contamination, sewage clogging, filtering and energy consumption. It is also a waste of value when we pour down the drain or into the hands of others what has still value to be harvested.

In O2W, we develop and market recycling solutions that make people love their waste and new materials that prevent the depletion of resources and promote the efficient management of waste.

For The Greatest Candle In The World, we developed the Oil2wax Technology (patent pending) so you can transform the waste of cooking oils into a new product that is clean, beautiful and 100% environmental friendly.
Our Oil2wax Technology was tested for health and environmental safety. The ingredients used, the formula and the resulted candle are health and environmental safe. All tests are made in independent laboratories and no animals were used. And because the raw material of our candles is vegetable, the burning duration is long and therefore the efficiency of the candle prevails over the competition. Some consumers even say the flame of The Greatest Candle is more beautiful. We agree.
When using The Greatest Candle Powder and a microwave oven to perform the transformation, we make sure there is a superior control over the process as well as an efficient use of energy. This way, the cleansing elements of our formula as well as the fragrances used are not distressed in an environmental friendly and safe process of transformation. It’s pure alchemy.

The fact that anyone can use this technology at home, in a restaurant, hotel or anywhere the waste of cooking oil poses a problem, makes the Oil2wax Technology a solution that is smart, affordable and a tool of consumer responsibility.

That is why we believe The Greatest Candle In The World uses a great technology.

Click here to see the summary of our laboratory testing results.