Decorative scented candles
environmentally sustainable

Our candles are the most ecological in the world

At The Greatest Candle in The World, we design environmentally friendly products that materialize a circular economy in a domestic environment, that make people of all ages, including children, love their waste.

Our goal is to value waste at the place where it is generated. We design solutions so that each person becomes more aware of the environment and  responsible for a more efficient management of their waste vegetable cooking oils or cosmetics, thus reducing the waste it generates and consequently its carbon footprint and also preventing the contamination of the planet.

We develop natural, non-polluting, energy-efficient products, safe for their users, not tested on animals and which can be fully customized with the “Do it yourself” Kit.

Contribute to a greener, healthier and more sustainable planet and have in your home or workplace. With our solutions create your environments and simultaneously protect our environment.

The environmental impact of wasted vegetable cooking oils
in numbers

Water and oil consumption

In five days, a European citizen consumes an average of 1.000 L of water. On the other hand, for every 1L of wasted vegetable cooking oil, that is not properly recycled, it pollutes 1.000.000 L of water.

environmental contamination

In 90% of cases, the wasted cooking oil is poured into the sink. In contact with water, it forms a layer at the top that prevents the absorption of oxygen and sunlight by marine life. It is also difficult to eliminate in the pipelines, causing clogging and, above all, a problem in cleaning the waste water, which is therefore one of the main causes of water contamination.

Worldwide consequences

In one year, over 60.000 million tons of vegetable oils are consumed worldwide. Almost half generate waste in quantities that, for example, can alter the original properties of waters across the Baltic Sea.

Advantages of making candles from wasted vegetable cooking oils


Environmental advantages
of making candles from wasted vegetable cooking oils

  1. It is a quick, economic, useful and intelligent solution to an environmental problem
  2. The candles are made from waste, thus avoiding the consumption of natural resources.
  3. The raw material is natural and vegetable
  4. Low electricity consumption in manufacture
  5. No trace of allergens and heavy metals elements
  1. Pure cotton wicks which have no traces of lead
  2. Available in various fantastic long-lasting fragrances
  3. Energy efficient: slow and clean burning (burns longer)
  4. Last longer than paraffin candles (made from petroleum)
  5. Neutral carbon footprint
  1. Safe for the health of its users
  2. Prevents the contamination of drains, groundwater, rivers and the sea
  3. Our products are not used for cruel testing on animals
  4. They meet all European norms on the environment and safety
  5. Patented technology and subjected to stringent tests at international laboratories

* For more information on the environmental impact of our ecological candles, consult the section on FAQs.