“From Thread to Wick”
Educational project on decorative ecological candles

Learning about the recycling of used oils

The brand The Greatest Candle, in partnership with Fula, has developed an educational project called “From Thread to Wick,” which seeks to encourage the entire school community, from primary to secondary schools, to adopt a new attitude towards the recycling of used vegetable oils, be they from cooking or cosmetics.

This programme comprises theoretical training about the positive impact of recycling for the environment, as well as workshops for younger participants to learn how to turn home waste into 100% ecological candles which can be personalized in terms of fragrance, decoration, size and colour. On the other hand, every year we stage a national roadshow, aimed at primary schools, which includes classroom demonstrations as well as the provision of “From Thread to Wick” kits for all pupils and teachers to conduct teaching activities.

If you are a teacher and representative of an educational establishment, help us to make our society more aware and determined to change patterns of behaviour and actively participate in recycling, bringing excellent results in reducing the ecological footprint.

To obtain access to the materials and tools (limited stock available) used in this project, all you have to do is enroll on the website www.defioapavio.pt o or otherwise request them via the email address info@amelhorvela.pt. We are always available to provide you with further information.

* If you would like more information about the “From Thread to Wick” project, please go to the FAQs section.