“De Fio a Pavio” Educational project on the circular economy of wasted vegetable cooking oils 

Educate for the prevention of natural resources consumption and contamination of the planet

The Greatest Candle, in partnership with a set of partners, developed an educational project called “De Fio a Pavio”, whose objective is to raise the awareness of the entire school community for a new approach to the recycling of wasted vegetable cooking oils materializing a circular economy in a domestic environment.

This educational program includes theoretical training on the positive impact of recycling on the environment, as well as workshops for the youngest to learn how to transform waste into ecological candles, which can be customized in design, size, color, and fragrance. On the other hand, annually we also carry out a nationwide roadshow, which includes clarification sessions in the classroom as well as the delivery of kits “De Fio a Pavio” to all students and teachers.

As an educator and representative of an educational institution, help us to make our society more aware and motivated to change behaviors and to actively participate in the implementation of a circular economy, in self-recycling processes, with excellent results in terms of reducing the carbon footprint.

For more information on this innovative and environmentally sustainable project, contact us via email: info@oil2wax.com.

* If you would like more information about the “From Thread to Wick” project, please go to the FAQs section.