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The Greatest Candle sells various high-quality products online, namely candles, powder for candles, candle kits and related accessories. It should be noted that they are all 100% made with natural raw materials and, as such, are ecologically sustainable, thus contributing to a less polluted planet and for a substantial reduction of the carbon footprint.
By opting for our products, you are helping to protect the environment while at the same time turning your house or workplace into a space with greater identity and distinction, thanks to the fragrances created by renowned French “parfumeurs.”



Our elegant, pleasant and scented decorative candles are available in five ranges, in designer tins and in glass moulds (transparent recycled, and opaque black or white), in a variety of sizes (200, 170, 130 and 75 grams).

Powder for candle-making

Oil2Wax candle powder uses unique, certified and patented technology. It has undergone stringent environmental and health safety tests, carried out at respected and independent international laboratories. Refills of 1 kilo and 80 grams are available.

Candle accessories

Our decorative candle accessories include: a selection of wicks (tealight models, #14 and #16), single-colour kits (yellow, blue, black and magenta) as well as CMYK kits which offer four different colours.

Candle-making kits

The kits contain decorative candles in opaque white moulds (available in nine fragrances) as well as two sachets of powder, each holding 20 grams, two cotton wicks and two fragrances, enabling customers to make their candles at home by mixing in used cooking oil.


Powder for candle making


* If you would like to know more about the ecological products we create and sell, visit our FAQs section.