Decorative ecological candles
100% natural decorative candles with sophisticated fragrances.

Our decorative candles are 100% ecological, insofar as they are made from the recycling of used oils. Added to these are a natural powder that is unique in the world (and patented by our company), lead-free cotton wicks and also sophisticated French aromas.

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Decorative ecological candles

These products which turn waste into luxury are available in tin moulds with design features or in glass moulds (transparent recycled version, opaque black or white versions), in sizes ranging from 200, 170, 130 or 75 grams. Kits can also be obtained which include candles and refills for home use.

Our non-toxic, biodegradable vegetable wax candles (employing technology which has been subjected to stringent safety tests at international institutions) include one of the following fragrances: Spice Wood, Mojito, Darjleeling Flower, Fig Milk, Citronella, Apple Gourmet, Clove & Cinnamon, Hand Picked Blueberry and Jasmine Wonder.

Choose environmentally sustainable candles over paraffin candles (made from petroleum and, as such, polluting) and gives an agreeable, charismatic and sophisticated air to any space, at home or at work.

* If you would like to learn more about the ecological candles we produce, please visit the FAQs section.