Woody fragrances are perfect for creating a cosy, warm atmosphere in any space. These scents typically feature notes of sandalwood, cedar or birch, which add depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Woody scented candles are a lovely addition to any casual setting and can help inspire feelings of relaxation and comfort. Perfect for creating an earthy, natural ambience in your home.


A cosy scent that soothes the senses and provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A spicy yet sweet fragrance is the result of a blend of woody scents and hints of clove, nutmeg and musk. The ideal combination for all year round, especially in autumn and winter.

Olfactory notes:
Top: Spicy, Cloves, Nutmeg
Intermediates Wood, Spicy
Base: Wood, Musk


It creates an enveloping and exotic atmosphere that stimulates the senses. A velvety, slightly spicy blend of the woody aromas of sandalwood and cedar wood with subtle notes of cardamom and musk.

Olfactory notes:
Top: Sandalwood
Intermediates: Peppermint, Lactonic, Cardamom
Base: Vetiver, Cedar, Musk