Fruity fragrances are a popular choice for those looking for a candle with a light, refreshing scent. They are perfect for spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms, where they can help lift your mood and create a positive atmosphere.

In addition, fruity fragrances are ideal for relaxing evenings with family and friends, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for a candle that can bring a fresh touch of vitality to your home, you can’t go wrong with fruity fragrances. Try different options to find the one that best suits your personal taste and decorating needs.

Hand Picked Blueberry 

The perfect scent to create a warm and positive atmosphere all year round.
A fruity fragrance with the sweet aroma of a homemade blueberry pie and the freshness of pomegranate and lychee.

Olfactory notes:
Top: Fruity, Berry, Blueberry, Spicy
Intermediates: Tropical, Pomegranate, Lychee
Base: Fruity, Sweet


A comforting perfume that creates a moment of tranquility and comfort. A gourmet fragrance with a fruity apple aroma, wrapped in a balm of spices, vanilla, and caramel. A spicy, sweet, and fresh essence, perfect for all year round.

Olfactory notes:
Top: apple
Intermediates: cinnamon
Base: vanilla, caramel


A light and delicate aroma that evokes the feeling of tranquility, and ideal for all seasons. A fragrance that results from the balance of smooth fig milk and relaxing chamomile, with citrus hints of orange and grapefruit and the fresh touch of green leaves.

Olfactory notes:
Topo: Orange, Grapefruit
Intermediates: Fig, Green Leaves
Base: Sandalwood,Musk


A fruity and invigorating fragrance. Perfect for all year round, especially in summer. A smooth blend of the citrus scent of lemon and the freshness of mint with a slight woody aroma.

Olfactory notes:
Top: Lemon, Leaves
Intermediates: Berries, Mint
Base: Cedar Wood