Candles have evolved over time from a practical light source to a decorative detail and wellness symbol with many uses and benefits. Although candles are no longer our main source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use.

They symbolise celebration.They signify romance.They soothe the senses. They define the ceremony. They accentuate the style of decorating our homes.

Candles can change the mood of any space. Its soft light and fragrance create a relaxing atmosphere and add a feeling of warmth and coziness.

But our candles are this and much more!

The Greatest Candle in the World

Innovative Vegetable Wax
The sustainable vegetable wax in our candles results from the transformation of vegetable
cooking oil’s waste as an alternative to the consumption of natural resources, such as paraffin
and soy waxes, among others.

Avoids the Contamination of Water and Ecosystem
Each 1 liter of vegetable oil can contaminate up to 1 million liters of water.
By valuing the residues of olive oil and vegetable cooking oils in the production of candles,
we prevent the contamination of water and planet’s ecosystems.

Prevents the Consumption of Natural Resources
The wax used in our candles is produced mainly through olive oil and vegetable cooking oil’s waste,
thus minimising the consumption of natural resources in its production.

Carbon Neutral Emission
The carbon released during the burning of our candles was already part of the natural cycle,
which makes this emission carbon neutral.

Safe for the Consumer and the Environment
Our vegetable wax and candles have been subjected to rigorous tests made by
international laboratories and meet all European quality and safety standards for the consumer and the environment.

One Technology. Two Solutions.

With O2W’s technology in addition to ecological, decorative and scented candles
we also have, Kits “Do It Yourself”.

Our DIY Kits are a shared commitment to sustainability by allowing all of us to make our ecological and scented candles at home through a very simple and fun process!

 And the experience of wellness provided by a candle is amplified by the feeling of contributing to something bigger by making your candle and having something personalized and truly unique.


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