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Let’s make a difference together, by using candles with

Positive Impact

Avoiding the consumption of natural resources and the contamination of water and ecosystems, by transforming used olive oil and vegetable cooking oils into scented candles.

Since the launch of the project, we have together managed to achieve:

With our community heavily involved, we have achieved great things.

And every day, we continue to make a difference.

Waste Reduction

We live in a society of large consumption and waste production. It is up to us to solve this challenge, being part of the solution, creating new options so that we together reduce waste, promoting the valorisation of waste where it is generated, in our homes.

By making your candle with the DIY “Do it Yourself”, you contribute to something bigger, making significant savings in energy and consumption of natural resources, in addition to creating something of your own with your waste.

Social Responsibility

We must all be part of the solution, starting with our future, the new generations.

Our participation in the educational project “De Fio a Pavio” responds to this objective through training and workshops on the positive impact of recycling on the environment for the youngest to learn how to transform household waste into ecological candles.

By making the school community aware of a new approach to the recovery of waste from vegetable oils and olive oils, we are contributing to a change in attitude with an impact on all of us.

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