To get the best experience when creating The Greatest Candle in The World, please remember that the quality and state of the used cooking oil (solid or liquid) will play an important role.

Indeed, the missuse of the cooking oil may lead to undesired results such are:

• Poor burning performance due to the existence of too many water or food particles in the wax.
• Unclean wax or poor neutralized oil with the consequent presence of bad odors in the candle.
• Development of fungus or related forms of decomposition.
• A correct handling and storage of the cooking oil after being used is of paramount importance.

Please respect the following procedures to get the best experience:

• Always filter the cooking oil after being used and before storage. Use kitchen filters that will retain any food particles. If possible, use paper coffee filters to get the best out of the used cooking oil.
• Store the used oil in a closed recipient.
• If the oil is from caned products (like tuna can vegetable oil), pay special attention to the filtering. If possible, after filtering, boil the oil for one minute and let it cool down before storage.
• Allow the oil to rest at for 24 hours before using it. Any food and water particles will rest on the bottom, making easy to get the best of the used cooking oil.
• If you still experience any kind of difficulties or problems making your candles, please refer to our FAQ or contact us.

We wish you the greatest experience making your wonderful candles.