Fragrances for candles
Essences, innovative and unique

As well as the quality (durability), the colour, the format and the recipient where the candle is placed, the fragrance is always a vital – and often decisive – aspect in choosing a decorative candle.

As such, aiming to provide for all spaces and occasions moods that are distinguishable, memorable, genuine and relaxing, The Greatest Candle offers candles, in glass or tin moulds, and powders for candles, in nine different aromas.

All these essences, innovative and unique in the world, were created by the best French “parfumeurs,” thus attributing a touch of elegance, class and modernity to any house, office or shop.

It should be noted that these fragrances for candles are 100% ecological and safe, both for the environment in general and for people’s health, having passed stringent testing by independent and credible international bodies.

Aromas for decorative candles

Apple Gourmet

A gourmet fragrance with a fruity apple essence, in a spicy balsam (cinnamon), vanilla and caramel. A spicy aroma, sweet and fresh, recommended for Spring and Summer.


A natural insect repellent with a citrus aroma of lemongrass. Refreshing, perfect for Summer.


A strong perfume resulting from the interaction of cloves and cinnamon, two sweet and charismatic scents, with notes of aniseed, red fruit, nutmeg and vanilla. Particularly suitable for Autumn and Winter.

Darjeeling Flower

The darjeeling flower scent is a fresh, complex and very pleasant blend of flowers from the Himalayas – jasmine, grasses, cyclamen, rose and hyacinth – with vanilla and musk. Suitable for Spring and Summer.

Fig Milk

A fragrance resulting from the balanced blend of fig milk and chamomile, with hints of orange, grapefruit, green leaves, sandalwood and musk. A smooth, calm and delicate aroma that creates a harmonious environment all year round.

Jasmin Wonder

A floral perfume, with jasmine and lilies of the valley, coupled with a delicate fruity aroma of peach and clove. This scent is the perfect combination to create a very calm and relaxed atmosphere at home all year round.


A cheerful and refreshing scent, stemming from the sophisticated bonding of lemon, mint, woody rum and red fruit. A distinct, expressive and reinvigorating fragrance, it is ideal for the Summer.

Spice Wood

A very spicy fragrance but at the same time sweet and delicate due to its notes of clove, nutmeg and musk. Wonderful for creating a cosy atmosphere anytime, anywhere.

Hand Picked Blueberry

An eccentric explosion of scents, with the sweet essence of a pie of freshly picked blueberries blended with soft hints of pomegranate and lychee. A year-round smooth and exotic aroma.



The fragrance is a velvety and slightly spicy mixture that results from the woody aromas of sandalwood and cedar wood with subtle notes of cardamom and musk.

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