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Can I use any type of vegetable oil?
Yes. Any type of vegetable cooking oil can be used (or a mixtures of different oils). From frying oil to the oil present in can food. You can also use oil in liquid state or solid. Never use mineral oil or motor oil.
Can I use the oil without any previous treatment?
Used vegetable oil must be filtered after it was used, to remove as much solid waste as possible. For a more efficient filtering, we recommend that you use a funnel with a paper filter, such as a coffee filter.
Can I store the used vegetable oil and recycle it later?
Yes. You can store the used vegetable oil before recycling. But first please filter or sieve the oil from food and organic particles; Organic waste will degrade the oil with time and will affect the combustion and the fragrance of the candle. If oil is stored with a considerable amount of water present, you will observe the formation of two different layers: the top one will be the oil that you want to recycle; the lower layer will be the water you will need to trow away in the organic waste bin. Please be careful when pouring the oil out to avoid mixing it with the water beneath.
Can I reuse the oil once it was transformed into candle wax?
Once mixed with the candle powder, oil will become wax in a process that is irreversible. You can use the remaining wax in the candle holder to make more candle wax. Simply remove the remainder of the wick, heat in the microwave and mix the liquid wax with the new candle you are making.
If I spill the liquid wax, what should I do?
First let the wax cool down and when it is solid, clean it with paper towel and place it in organic waste.
Can I use any type of container to make the candle?
Any solid non-flammable container can be used to make your candle.
Can I heat the oil directly in the candle holder? Can I place the holder directly in the microwave?
Any holder made in a material suitable for microwave usage can be used to make the greatest candle.
Can I reuse the holders from my old candles?
Yes. To clean them simply remove the remains with a paper towel, for example, and place it in the organic waste bin. Once there are no wax remains in the glass, you can wash it with detergent and water.
I have to wash the holders before I use them to make candles?
FNot necessarily. If the holder is from a previous candle just remove the remainder of the wick and use it again for the same purpose. The residual wax that may exist can also be incorporated in the new candle.
Can I wash the candle holders in the dishwasher?
Yes but please make sure the residual wax and the remainder of the wick are previously removed. Always use a paper towel to clean the wax from the glass before washing it.
How can I measure the oil I need to make the candle?
Any kitchen measuring glass will do.
What type of spoon must I use to measure the amount of powder indicated?
A simple tablespoon is sufficient to measure the powder required to make the candle.
Can I use a smaller spoon (i.e. teaspoon)?
Yes, simply make sure that the total quantity is equal to what is indicated in the instructions.
How many tablespoons are needed to make a candle with 500g?
You will need 12 tablespoons and 400ml of oil: 3 tablespoons of powder for every 100 ml of oil used.
At what temperature does the wax come out of the microwave?
The wax comes out of the microwave oven at a relatively high temperature and the recipient should only be handled with suitable protection: a handle or kitchen glove heat.
How do I know whether or not I should heat the wax again in the microwave?
You should follow the time mentioned in the instructions and if you find the mixture is not well dissolved and the powder is not evenly melted, heat the mixture for an extra 1-2 minutes.
What can I do to clean up the remains of wax that may exist in the microwave-pot after used?
To clean the remains of wax from the glass or the microwave-pot, use a paper towel and then place it in the organic waste bin. Never use water directly to clean the wax.
When should I put the wick in the candle?
The wick must be placed with the help of the wick holder (included), 2-5 minutes after the wax was taken out of the microwave.
I forgot to put the wick and in the meantime the candle solidified. What should I do?
Just heat the candle wax in the microwave for 1-2 min, until it becomes melted. Repeat the process of placing the wick with the help of the wick holder.
Can I put the candle in the refrigerator to solidify faster?
We do not recommend. The moisture present in the refrigerator can affect the candle and subsequently the performance of the combustion. The low temperature thermal shock can also crack the wax. Placing hot wax in the refrigerator will result in a power consumption increase. We recommend that you just let the candle cool down naturally at room temperature.
Can I add fragrances to the powder?
We do not recommend. Adding fragrances may affect the safety of the process and the burning performance of the candle. It can also affect the fumes released and the ambiance around.
Can I do a candle with 2 different powders?
Yes, as long as the proportions mentioned in the instructions are respected.
I do not know what is the suitable wick for the candle holder I want to use. What should I do?
The wicks supplied with the powder (#14) are suitable for the most common holders with diameters 5-7 cm. For holders with a larger diameter you should use the wicks #16 that are sold separately.
Do I have to wait much time to light the candle?
Once the candle is solidified it can be lit.
When I blow out the candle it releases a lot of smoke. Is there a problem with the candle?
There is no problem with the candle. The candles that are made with vegetable oils (virgin also) tend to release some smoke when they are blown. To minimize this effect we recommend you use a candle snuffer.
Can I use molds to make candles?
Yes. However, the melting point of a vegetable wax is lower than a paraffin one, meaning that it will become liquid much faster and it will create a wide pool of liquid hot wax. For this reason, we recommend you always use a candle holder to keep the wax inside. You can also use a mold that creates a candle wider than the pool created by the wicks used. This way, you avoid the candle from melting down and spreading around.
Is there a health risk when using this candles?
The Greatest Candles were rigorously tested by independent and certified laboratories. More than 30 different aspects have been tested regarding health and environmental safety, burning conditions and the presence of allergenic, metal and carcinogenic elements. The Greatest Candle ready-made and the powder to make them have passed all the tests without any problems.