The Greatest Candle
decorative ecological candles

When asked what we do, an answer is inevitable: “Since 2015, we make people love their waste, contributing to a more sustainable future and materializing a circular economy in a domestic environment”.

This metaphor was the starting point of O2W, a Portuguese company that developed the brand “The Greatest Candle in The World”, to distribute this innovative technology (Oil2Wax) that, applied to wasted vegetable oil or cosmetic oils, allows the creation of ecological candles scented with fantastic fragrances.

This ecological scented wax, duly patented as the only one in the world, was developed by our team and subjected to rigorous safety tests (more than 30 measures analyzed) made by independent international organizations, having passed all of them with distinction.

The Greatest Candle in The World products are available in ecological and scented decorative ready made candles and in do-it-yourself kits designed to encourage people of all ages to make, through a very simple process, their own ecological and scented candles in customized according to their ideas and tastes.

The Greatest Candle candles are made from waste and not from natural resources, do not add carbon to the environment and are safe for the consumer, which makes them the most eco-friendly in the world. For all these reasons, we call our candles “The Greatest Candles In The World”.

We also developed an educational project “De Fio a Pavio” where we carry out training, activities, and workshops in schools and events throughout Portugal, to raise awareness among children, young people and their families for the end of the vegetable cooking oils lifecycle, and their role in a circular economy.