The Greatest Candle
decorative ecological candles

When we’re asked what we do, the answer’s easy: “Since 2013 we have been making people fall in love with their own rubbish and helping to make the planet a better place, with a more environmentally sustainable future.”

This metaphor was the starting point for O2W, a Portuguese company which conceived the brand name “The Greatest Candle.” It works with innovative technology (Oil2Wax) which, by adding to it recycled used oil, allows us to create totally ecological decorative candles with sophisticated French fragrances.

This natural powder, which has been properly certified and patented as unique in the world, was developed by our team and subjected to rigorous safety testing (covering more than 30 benchmarks) established by independent international bodies. It passed all the tests with flying colours.

As well as candle moulds in glass cups or designer tins, we also offer a “Do it yourself” option, aiming to encourage people of all ages to use our products to make their own personalized candles at home according to their own ideas and preferences.

In an effort to make children, young people and teachers more aware of the importance environmental sustainability, we have developed an educational project called “From the Thread to the Wick.” This involves training and workshops at primary and secondary schools across the country on how to make candles using natural products.

As we often point out, our candles are made of waste, not resources, making them eco-friendly. On top of that, our customers tell us our candles are the prettiest and smell the best (nine fragrances are available). That is why we call our candles “The Greatest Candles in the World.”