How to make
scented ecological candles at home

The greatest candle in the world is the one you make

Preparation time: 10 min. | Cost: Low | Difficulty Level: Easy

To make the Greatest Candle in The World at home, easily, economic, ecological and elegant, just keep your wasted vegetable cooking oil, buy the DIY kits and follow the following steps:


Filter the wasted vegetable cooking oil with a coffee filter, with a small strainer or even with the help of a nylon stocking! If possible, allow the oil to rest for 24 hours before use, so that solid particles and water, which may exist, settle to the bottom.


Pour the filtered oil into a container suitable for micro-waves in the amount you want to make a candle.


Leave it to cook for 1 – 2 minutes in the microwave at maximum power. Cooking time changes with the oil quantity and containers type of glass.


Add the scented candle wax and, in the case of colored candles, the pellets of the colors you want to use. Stir well until the wax looks homogeneous. If necessary, put the liquid wax back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. Note that the cup will be hot!


Let the liquid wax to cool for around 1 minute and pour it into the respective container(s) you want to decorate.


Wait around 1 minute for the wax to cool down, and place the lead-free cotton wick in the center of the candle with the help of a wick holder. Make sure the wick is taut when placed.


Wait for the wax to cool at room temperature until solid (about 20 minutes). Avoid moving the container during this phase.

* If, even so, you have any queries or if any problems occur while you are making your candle, check out our FAQs section or contact us directly by email or phone.