How to make
ecological candles at home

The best candle in the world is the one you make yourself

To make at home, quickly and economically, the best decorative candle in the world and one that is 100% ecological and elegant, all you have to do is keep your used oils, buy our powder and carefully follow the steps listed below:


Filter 100 ml of used oil with a coffee filter or a small strainer. If possible, leave the oil to rest for 24 hours before use so that any food particles and water settle to the bottom.


Pour the filtered oil into a container suitable for microwaves together with a spoonful (the spoon comes with the kit) of our candle powder.


Leave it to cook for 1 or 2 minutes in the microwave at full power.


Next, add two spoonfuls (included in the kit) of powder for candles and stir well until the wax looks smooth.


Pour the liquid wax in the recipients you wish to decorate.


Leave to cool slightly for two minutes, then place the lead-free cotton wick (included in the kit) in the middle of the candle.


Wait for the wax to cool down to room temperature and solidify (about 20 minutes). To keep the candle’s surface perfect, avoid moving the mould.

* If, even so, you have any queries or if any problems occur while you are making your candle, check out our FAQs section or contact us directly by email or phone.