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We want to build a better world, creating an involved, sustainable, and conscious community.

With this conviction, we are dedicated to the development of solutions for people to be able to reduce their waste, valuing it where it is generated, in a useful, simple way, and above all that provides them well-being.

In this way, people reinforce their role in society and effectively contribute to the decarbonisation and preservation of the planet’s ecosystems.

With this vision, we use a unique solution in the world.
We use a biodegradable and non-toxic scented vegetable wax, resulting from the transformation of used cooking oils to make scented and decorative candles.

In addition to being ecological and sustainable, these candles are safe for the environment and the health of their users.

And they can be done by you!

uma mão segurando cera para fazer uma vela

We want to inspire people to live a life with less waste and above all, more sustainable.

More than 95% of domestic vegetable cooking oil and olive oil residues are improperly disposed of through the sink and toilet. In most cases, they end up in the ocean, where the impact of these wastes is immense for ecosystems and marine life.

Each 1 L of olive oil or cooking oil can contaminate up to 1,000,000 L of water.
These residues in contact with water create, on the surface, a thin layer of fat that prevents the passage of oxygen and sunlight, essential elements for many species and the balance of ecosystems.

We believe that people play a key role in solving this problem if they have the right tools and the right motivation. That’s why we develop our products to solve the problem where it is generated.

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