The Greatest Candle
in the World

100% natural decorative candles with sophisticated fragrances
Made from the recycling of used oils

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Our elegant, pleasant and scented decorative candles are available in five ranges, in designer tins and in glass moulds (transparent recycled, and opaque black or white), in a variety of sizes (200, 170, 130 and 75 grams).

Powder for candle-making

Oil2Wax candle powder uses unique, certified and patented technology. It has undergone stringent environmental and health safety tests, carried out at respected and independent international laboratories. Refills of 80 grams are available.

Candle accessories

Our decorative candle accessories include: a selection of wicks (tealight models, #14 and #16), single-colour kits (yellow, blue, black and magenta) as well as CMYK kits which offer four different colours.

Candle-making kits

The kits contain decorative candles in opaque white moulds (available in nine fragrances) as well as two sachets of powder, each holding 20 grams, two cotton wicks, enabling customers to make their candles at home by mixing in used cooking oil.

DIY | Do it yourself

Our candles


Pleasant and distinctive luxury essences

We offer nine fragrances, each of them created by French parfumeurs. They bring a delightful and distinguished touch to any room. These are our scents: Darjeeling Flower, Mojito, Apple Gourmet, Citronella, Fig Milk, Spice Wood, Clove & Cinnamon, Blueberry and Jasmin Wonder.


Sustentabilidade Ambiental | The greatest candle

Environmental sustainability

Our candles are completely ecological, being made from the recycling of used vegetable oil (thus preventing water contamination) and containing a non-polluting powder created by our team. They use pure cotton wicks containing no lead, they are carbon-neutral and are not tested on animals.

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De fio a pavio

Educational project

The “From Thread to Wick” project, covering the entire educational system, from primary to secondary schools, runs campaigns about recycling as well as workshops for younger children where they learn how to make scented and colourful candles from used oils. Annual roadshows are held.

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Como fazer a melhor vela do mundo

How to make candles

Place 100ml of used and filtered cooking oil in a measuring cup; Add 1 sachet of powder (20g) and stir; Heat up mixture for two minutes in microwave; Put in the wick, centering it with the help of the wick sustainers and leave the candle to solidify.

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